Short this Christmas? 5 tips to bring extra $ your way…


Short this Christmas? 5 tips to bring extra $ your way…

I’m guessing that Google’s estimation of 2,210,000,000 results from typing in “work from home” isn’t just because of this year’s hit from The Saturdays.  Although, it does say something that’s on a lot of people’s minds. (and I must add, a very clever marketing tactic from the band’s producers, genius!)

As a mother freelancing online doing various weird and wonderful odd jobs, I have to tell you- there are ways you can earn extra money without having to step foot outside of your house and I plan on sharing with you these ‘not-so-secret’ secrets.

This year, as well as every year, you’ve probably successfully dodged the toy-buying bullet that shoots across every time said toy appears on TV.  “That’s OK honey- Santa will get it for you!” is a phrase we could only wish was self-fulfilling.

But alas!  Dues must be paid, promises kept and Christmas is coming soon (a little over 7 weeks to be precise)….So, how does a constantly-broke Millennial drum up the cash to spoil their little rugrats at this one-off time in the year?

The first thing you need to do is work out your spare time and the support you need to have it completely to yourself.  Be it 30 mins (too little) or 3-4 hours (more realistic).

As you will see in the following list, there are plenty of practical (and legal ways) to get your hands on some extra dough -not millions, but certainly enough to put aside for some special toys in time for Christmas.

christmas1. Take up a part-time job online

A no-brainer, hey? Websites such as UpWork and Fiverr provide a secure and easy way to freelance your skills on your terms.  With millions of users, you are bound to come across something that will fit into your schedule and match your skill set.

Christmas2. Become an English language tutor!

Are you a grammar Nazi? Do you like making conversation? Well, you can get paid for it! There are myriads of online language schools that are constantly looking for English tutors to hold sessions over Skype.  The best thing about it is, you can find something to suit your level of expertise -as a native speaker or professional tutor.  I cannot recommend a specific company, however just Google the phrase “Become an English language tutor online” and the world is your oyster!

christmas3. Sell your kids’ outgrown clothes and accessories

Those bags and suitcases filled with quality childrenswear needn’t gather dust and take up space.  Set-up shop in an easy to use app, such as Kidster and watch the items get snapped up by other parents looking for a bargain!  You may even find a great Christmas gift yourself, at a fraction of its full price.

christmas4. Become an Uber driver

Right, this absolutely isn’t for everyone, but I’ve known a guy that worked it to the bone for a 2 week stint and ended up with well over £3000.  He did work 24/7 though.  Considering that it is a quick (but not so easy or stress-free) way of earning money in a short period of time, it could be just the ticket to sorting your complete Christmas budget.  Stay safe!

christmas5. Rent a room or a flat on Airbnb

This is actually a rather fun way of getting a bit of extra cash in the house and very convenient to run.  You also get to meet people from all across the globe and strike up interesting friendships :)  See what it takes and how much money you can earn here.

There is more to this besides, but it’s definitely a good starting point.  You may even stumble on a new career, as I did :) At the very least, more money in time for Christmas isn’t so unattainable after all!

***Good luck and magical money dust***