A-Z of Kidster


    A-Z of Kidster


    A -APP.  Download the KIDSTER APP at the Apple store now!

    B -BUY adorable kids clothes, new or pre-loved

    C -COMMUNITY of friendly, like-minded parents

    D -DISCOUNTS.  Get lightly-worn garments for much less than in the shops

    E -ENVIRONMENT.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Support sustainability through Kidster!

    F -FILTER, FIND and discover amazing kids’ stuff

    G -GLOBAL DESIGNERS showcase their own ranges

    H -HANDMADE.  Discover artisan kids’ items straight from the makers.

    I -INSPIRE yourself and those around you with the easy and convenient Kidster lifestyle

    J -JUMP on it! That gorgeous item you’ve just seen may not be around for long.

    K -KIDS!  All about the kids :)

    L -LOVE your new purchases and newly earned $$$

    M -MESSAGE sellers to ask more about an item or to place an offer

    N -NO HASSLE payment system via Paypal or Credit Card

    O -ORIGINAL BLOG. Read our musings on all things related to children, parenting and Kidster!

    P -PHONE. Buy and sell conveniently from your cell or mobile

    Q -QUESTIONS? We’re here to help! Drop us a line hello@kidster.co

    R -REACH out to potential buyers and share your listings on social networks

    S -SELL the tiny, tiny stuff your kids can’t fit into anymore…earn $$$, save space!

    T -TIME. Save time, no more trawling around in shops

    U -UPLOAD a picture of your item to the app and list instantly.

    V -VIEW and scroll through many listings

    W -WARDROBE. Refresh your kids’ wardrobes cost-effectively

    X -errr…XYLOPHONES! Search for a possible listing under toys :)

    Y -YOUR OWN SHOP.  YOUR prices.  YOUR terms.

    Z -ZZZ..buying and selling at Kidster is so simple you can do it in your sleep!  Well almost :)