5 Makeup Tips For The Everyday Busy Mum


5 Makeup Tips For The Everyday Busy Mum

As a mother, I admit, sometimes I can’t be bothered with my appearance. In fact, I don’t mind going about my daily business without a scrap of makeup on and my hair resembling an artsy mess of eccentric wayward curls. I’m on a mission, which involves providing for and taking care of a little VIP who has by far trumped all of the other priorities I may have had previously, including doing myself up.

I believe this attitude is healthy; it is very liberating to still like one’s appearance without all the adornments and quick fixes the world has to offer!

Sometimes though, I do want to look different. I fancy a bit of a red lip, an alluring eye, a cheeky blush. A nod to all the other essences of my character and identity, which contrary to popular belief, a woman never gives up even after becoming a mother :)

Being lucky enough to have a makeup artistry background, I’ve thrown out the rulebook and cut straight to the chase. Sure, contouring and layering makeup with 10 different brushes will give you an amazing look that lasts for 24 hours straight; but none of us have the time and leisure of Kim Kardashian :) (bless her)

Without further faffing around, here are my…

5 Makeup Tips For The Everyday, Busy Mum!


  1. Apply base with your fingers

Leave the foundation brushes and primer for date night when your little angel is at grandma’s. You can achieve a decent look using your (clean!) fingers or a makeup sponge.

BB creams (or tinted moisturisers as they were called back in the day!) will give you light coverage and glow, giving the “no-makeup-but-looking-radiant” look whilst managing to blur minor imperfections. And, they only take a minute to apply.


After moisturising, warm a penny sized amount of foundation or BB cream between the fingers and glide it on the face in downward, sweeping motions until blended in. I usually do this in a very slap-dash, lightning speed way and somehow it works! If you need more coverage you can repeat this step to layer up, or apply a fluid concealer lightly on top.

TIP: If you have an extra 30 seconds, add more radiance! Dab a very small amount of fluid highlighter with your fingertips on your cheekbones, along your T-zone and just above the cupid’s bow of your lips. You’ll look like a sculpture of Venus!

N.B. You may want to skip the highlighter if you’re prone to greasy skin- it’ll make it look greasier! Don’t want that.





2. EYES: 2 in one products!

This is where we all stumble and the area of the face that takes the most concentration and effort. Eyes needn’t be arduous! A lot of the time, a few sweeps of your favourite mascara will do and you can jazz up your look with a bright lipstick. I favour this lazy option.

If you do want your eyes to take the centre stage but don’t have a lot of time, 2 in 1 products are just the ticket! Bourjois have a great product called Colorband 2-IN-1 Eyeshadow & Liner, in a variety of different shades.  It looks like a jumbo eyepencil- the conical shape is good for use as an eyeliner and the creamy consistency makes it work well as an eyeshadow too.  Being waterproof, it also won’t crease, smudge or fade -a winner!


Think outside the box: swap your usual eyeliner for a coloured one- you won’t look like a clown, promise! A violet coloured eyeliner will enhance brown and green eyes, whilst a grey eye pencil will make blue eyes “pop” without looking too imposing. You’re welcome :)

3. BROWS: Tattoos and eyeliners!

If you have to draw your eyebrows on every day, consider investing in a brow tattoo. Semi-permanent makeup has come a long way and you can now achieve a very natural look with advanced techniques that are seamless. As with any semi-permanent procedure, it’s always recommended to do your research. Click here for a great starting point!

If you only enhance your eyebrows now and again, I’ve got a great little tip:

Use your dark brown eyeliner pencil, shushhhhh. A brown eyeliner has helped me with my brows, eyes (haha) and lips. With a lot of blending of course. Eyeliner pencils are creamier in formulation compared to their drier eyebrow counterparts, but essentially, they do the same stuff -put brown where you want it! I apply very lightly, as the colour attaches to hairs very easily. Then just use your finger to wisp the colour along. You may need to practise this a few times, but once you get it down it’s so easy.

4. LIPS: Apply once, last all day! 

I kiss my toddler. A lot. It didn’t take me long to find out that applying lipstick is a bit fruitless when chubby cheeks is about. Until I discovered (remembered! duh) longwearing lipsticks -hooray! MAC and MaxFactor do brilliant ones in so many different colours. The idea is; you apply the colour, let it dry without pressing your lips together, then smooth on the attached lipgloss (specially formulated for use with this type of lipstick) for lubrication and voila, kiss & smudgeproof lips! Genius. Maybe that’s how Gwen Stefani does it with her 3 boys in tow?


Alternatively, you can revert to a regular lipstick or lipbalm, as long as you have the time to reapply occasionally. I for one, do like the sensation of applying something on my lips regularly – it’s a very individual thing!

TIP: Remember the brown eyeliner pencil? Yes, you can use it as a lip pencil too if you’re pressed for time and can’t find your usual colour! The only condition is that it must, must, must be blended with lots of lipstick on top! Unless you’re going for the 90’s cartoon/retro look, aka 90s Gwen 😉  90sgwen





5. CHEEKS: A method to the madness!

The temptation to grab a big brush and whack on some bronzer is too great. But there can be some method to the madness, for a prettier result :)

How to do bronzer: Imagine that the number 8 has been pasted over your entire face. This is where you want to sweep over your bronzer. Around the edges of your face, buffed well into the hairline, across the cheekbones, nose and jawline…

bronze and blush

Personally, I prefer a creamy blusher, or a coral lipstick when I can’t find it 😉 It’s smooth and the colour I want, therefore it doesn’t matter if it says it’s for the cheeks or lips!  It gives off a nice sheen too, giving the impression of a healthy glow.   To apply cream blusher; warm a small amount of product between your fingertips and tap lightly onto the apples of the cheeks, which can be found by simply smiling :)


-I hope these tips have given you a few ideas. A little disclaimer: We all come in different shades and skin types, so take all tips with a pinch of salt and work out what’s best for you! The journey doesn’t matter, as long as you reach your destination 😉

N.B. Post written by Kidster blogger & community manager, Bojana T. No sponsors or affiliates were used.