A Picnic To Remember!


A Picnic To Remember!

A quick guide to creating an easy and memorable picnic

Now that picnic season is upon us, it’s time to get the cog-works going with a few inspirational ideas to make memories to remember and treasure :)

To start with, here is a handy list for all picnic essentials;


Food & Drinks

With the important things checked off, you can go crazy on the food and drinks! Of course, it’s completely OK to take along some corn chips, ready-made dips and orange juice, but the experience can be amplified to another level with these fun recipes!

Cool snacks:

Cool Snacks

Mini Quiche, Avocado Devilled Eggs, Cheesy Pepperoni Sticks, Crunchy Cereal Chicken Fingers

Great sandwiches:

Great Sandwiches

Cheesy Tortilla Roll-Up, Peanut Butter & Jelly Skewers, Grilled Margherita Sandwiches

Delicious desserts:

Delicious Desserts

Homemade Fruit-Filled Mini Yogurts, Pancake Pops, Snack Mix Squares, Caramel Apples, Pizza Watermelon

Refreshing drinks:

Refreshing Drinks

Raspberry Lemonade Fizz, Sonic Ocean Water, Berry Iced Tea

Tip:  The kids will love helping you prepare the picnic and it’ll extend the enjoyment from home to outdoors, making for a wonderful family memory…

Perfect Picnic Games: Football, Frisbee, Cards, Velcro Catch Ball, Blowing Bubbles, Wheelbarrows, Piggy-Backs….


Tip: Learn about littering!  A picnic is the perfect opportunity to instill good environmental values by encouraging the disposal of litter in designated spots. litter-bin-473


Do you have any useful picnic tips, hacks or recipes? We look forward to your comments :)