5 Party Bag Essentials


5 Party Bag Essentials

Goody Bags. Party Bags. Swag. Booty. Free Stuff.  Whatever you decide to call it, everyone loves receiving a gift or memento from an event, in particular kids’ birthdays where it’s expected!  You can choose to be as simple or as creative as you like, depending on needs and budget.  To get started, bear in mind the typical children’s party bag is based on the following 5 essential components:

1- Sweets/snacks  (mini versions of popular candy, chocolate, lollipops, pretzels -added bonus if themed with Minions or Frozen characters!)retrosweets


2- Miniature Toy (water guns, figurines, playing cards, yoyo)toys


3- Craft (paints, brushes, stickers, playdough)craftscollage


4- Stationary (crayons, pencils, pens, notepad)peppapig


5- Party Favors (poppers, whistles, confetti, bubbles)poppers


With many supermarkets and thrift stores nowadays offering cheap party bag fillers, many items are sold in bulk so you’re sure to find a bargain!

Now that the 5 party bag essentials have been outlined, visit our Pinterest Board for inspiring ideas to fill in your future party bags!  Enjoy :)